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    Hammer Time: Brutal Attack on rugby player leaves tool embedded deep in head

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    A claw hammer attack to the head left Scunthorpe rugby player Matthew Probert badly wounded, following a fight in Lincoln near Revolution Bar. Police arrested Kris James Bradley for attempted murder.

    The moments following the attack was captured in a photo taken by Matthew Leach, who said he happened to be walking through Lincoln moments after the assault. He told the Daily Mail: "I didn't see the incident itself, just the aftermath. There were about four or five bouncers surrounding the bloke and talking to him to reassure him and keep him awake."
    Matthew Probert is 21 and is the prop forward for the Scunthorpe Rugby Club. According to reports, the hammer was embedded deep in Probert's skull, just inches above his left eye. The attack took place around 12:50 a.m. on Sunday, September 1st.

    Police suspect 22-year-old Kris James Bradley and have charged him with attempted murder. Surgeons required one hour to remove the hammer.

    In response to the attack, Elisha Davis wrote on her Facebook: "There are some absolute scum bags on this earth Matthew Probert is the bravest strongest person I know!"

    Following his surgery, Probert was listed in stable condition and was being closely monitored. His speech was not affected by the attack.


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