Prince Harry rushed to Camp Bastion safe-house during Taliban assassination attempt



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Prince Harry was rushed to a safe-house during last September's Taliban attack on the seemingly impregnable British-run Camp Bastion, a new report has revealed.

The red-headed royal, who was stationed at the base, was among the raiding party's prime targets. But, Captain Harry Wales, as he was known to fellow soldiers, was quickly whisked away by British troops to a safe-house.

The fourth-in-line to the British throne had arrived at the base as part of a three-month tour that saw him flying an Apache helicopter. He served as a pilot/gunner with the 662 Squadron Army Air Corps.

The Taliban expressed their eagerness to dispatch of the young royal just days earlier.

"We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him," said Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid to the press four days prior, according to the Daily Mail.

The coordinated Taliban raid, which targeted aircrafts and military fuel farms sparked a four hour-long night-time skirmish.

The article, which appeared in this month's GQ Magazine has shed light on how the 15 Taliban fighters managed to breach the heavily-fortified, almost 30,000-man military base.

Three teams of five heavily-armed insurgents, who donned US Army uniforms, made their way past sentry-filled guard towers the night of September 14th 2012.

The armed men went on to kill two US marines and cause over $200 million in damages, before being subdued.

The attack, which saw the destruction or damage of eight aircrafts, represented the worst day for American airpower since Vietnam.


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