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    Douchebag Dogs: viral YouTube videos show dogs harassing a cougar, kangaroo

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    Have you see the video of the 'brave' dogs confronting a cougar? How about the clips of the two dogs trying to 'make friends' with a kangaroo? Douchebag dogs, all of them. And their owners are even bigger Douchebags.

    The first video is titled "Hungry cougar vs brave dogs, Highlands, Victoria" and and features dogs that go by the names Kovu and Teaka. In the video, Kovu and Teaka are seen barking 'bravely' at the cougar while the cougar looks all nonchalant and not giving a f**k. As Kovu and Teaka bark their heads off and try to intimate the cougar, the douchebag owner is filming away instead of calling animal control. Oh, wait, I guess you want the camera on just in case your douchebag dogs get mauled by a cougar. THAT would make for a fantastic video.

    And then have you seen the clip of the dogs harassing a kangaroo? That went viral on YouTube and LiveLeak this week. In the clip, a pair of dogs have a kangaroo cornered in a pond. When one dog gets to close, the boxing gloves off and the roo attempts to drown it! All this happened while dogs' owners filmed.

    You can watch both sets of douchebag dogs here. And we use our animation and imagination to paint a different outcome for the kangaroo. Hey YouTube people. Keep your mutts heeled. Your dogs aren't brave. They're just douchebags.


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