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    Model toy helicopter nearly decapitates NY man, killing him

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    A teenage remote-helicopter enthusiast was killed on Thursday in Brooklyn when his helicopter fell from the sky and its rotor blades slashed his head and throat, police said.

    Roman Pirozek Jr., 19, from Queens was in Dreier-Offerman Park, also known as Calvert Vaux Park, in Gravesend on Thursday afternoon operating his model helicopter. Dreier-Offerman Park is located at Shore Parkway and Bay 44th St.

    The accident occurred around 3:40pm as Roman apparently was trying a tricky stunt with his remote-control chopper when the helicopter malfunctioned and started to fall from the sky and struck Roman, cops said. At least four witnesses reported seeing the helicopter's two-foot long blades slash into Roman's head and neck, according to authorities.

    Pirozek, who was a graduate of the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in Queens, died almost instantly at the scene, police said. The wreckage of the toy helicopter was found about 20 feet from Roman's body, which police covered with a sheet.
    Roman's father heard about the accident and came to the park, but he was taken away by the police.

    A man who heard about the freak accident and came to the park, said Roman was a member of the Seaview Rotary Wings Helicopter Club, a group for remote-control helicopter enthusiasts. Pirozek's father is the vice president of the club, which organizes flights in the park.

    Enthusiasts are allowed to fly model aircraft in certain areas of Calvert Vaux Park, which has playgrounds, basketball courts, soccer fields and baseball diamonds.


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