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    Testicle festival: People eat balls in Serbia

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    Serbia's celebrated testicle festival just completed its tenth run in the village of Lunjevica. The festival hosts the World Testicle Cooking Championships where culinary teams put forth their best recipes featuring testicles.

    Testicles from animals including bulls, calves, rams, donkeys, and horses are cooked up, spiced up and consumed with Serbian rakia, a liquor distilled from fruit which is commonly found in the Balkans.

    The festival was founded by Ljubomic Erovic, a chef who has written a book about cooking the organ. He claims on the festival website that as a young man, he once ate what he thought was rabbit goulash. That evening, he became very aroused and felt a surge of energy. Later, he learned that the meat in the goulash was not rabbit, but in fact testicles. He committed himself to mastering the art of cooking the organ, and promoting its use in recipes, partly with the aim of helping men boost their sexual prowess.

    The recipes are judged by a jury of four, the president of which is an American filmmaker and academic, Anna Wexler. Wexler first discovered the festival in an late-night Google search, she said, and has led the jury for the last five years.

    The winning team in the cook-off takes home a wooden trophy which is shaped at the base like a man with an erect penis. This year's winners also scored a trip for four to Macedonia, according to the website.

    The festival also gives a prize to "The Ballsiest Man in the World" and past winners have included U.S. President Barack Obama and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. This year, it looks like it's going to be either Edward Snowden or Angela Merkel.


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