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    The House easily approved bipartisan legislation aimed at improving the safety of drugs produced by compounding pharmacies that mix customized pharmaceuticals.
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on his Democratic-led chamber was certain to kill legislation moving through the House of Representatives to delay "Obamacare" for one year and repeal a medical device tax that would be attached to a government-funding bill.
    Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA became the latest airline to ground a Boeing 787 so that officials from the American company can examine what appears to be a technical problem.
    Lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol already have overwhelmingly rejected the medical device tax that House Republicans insist on repealing as a condition for keeping the government open. It's just that those earlier votes didn't count. Despite its unpopularity, both the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed they would not let Republicans make the tax a bargaining chip in averting a government shutdown.