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    Baby's First Video: Monitoring IVF & Birth Defects



    Baby's First Video: Monitoring IVF & Birth Defects
    Fertility Planit - Alexandria Center
    Conference Room 1
    Moderator: Lily Ann Reed
    Eastern Regional Business Manager, FertiliTech Inc.
    Denny Sakkas
    PhD, Scientific Director, Boston, IVF, Waltham, MA
    Jason Barritt
    PhD, HCLD Laboratory Director,
    A.R.T Reproductive Center, Beverly Hills, CA
    The EmbryoScope® time-lapse system provides cutting edge technology in the lab, allowing the embryologist to visually follow the development of the embryo. In this way, t the embryologist can distinguish and choose between normal developing embryos with good implantation potential, and embryos developing with a risk of implantation failure. This means that by choosing IVF treatment using the EmbryoScope® time-lapse system, both the patient and the clinic staff have the best options for selecting the most viable embryo to transfer, leading to higher rates of IVF success.