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    The first lesson 1948 Pervyj urok English subtitled Russian animation


    door eus347

    Subs can be activated with button at top of screen.
    Animation by Lamis Bredis refused by youtube.
    Lamis Bredis was, besides a fine animator, Communist Party Organiser at Soyuzmult film.
    In 1947-48 at soyuzmult many animators were treatened to be falsely accused by him of "cosmopolism"because they "imitated" disney.
    Ivan Aksenchuk, as new member working in the team of Alexander Ivanov ( See: champion 1948), and where Ivanovs head would be one of the first to roll, managed to hand the board director Miginov several magazins, he obtained through his wife who was librarion at the state film institute, that analyzed the influence of Disney on Bredis' work himself. The immanent arrests then were blown off. Aksenchuk's carreer profited greatly after that from Ivanovs gratitude.
    In Bredis' work you always see his more strickter moralism, however nice it is. At the time period, however, Disneys work can be equally moralistic, and the three nephews, could easely have learned the same lesson as the three bears in this animation did.