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    New Restaurants Blamed for D.C. Rat Infestation

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A lineup of new restaurants in Washington D.C. is said to be causing a boom in rat population.

    Rodents and other small animals definitely have a sense for where there’s an abundance of good food. An increasing number of restaurants in Washington D.C. is causing a boom in rat population.

    Specifically, the eateries located on 14th Street Northwest seem to be getting the most attention from rodents. Local residents, baffled and disgusted by this trend have flooded the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions with phone calls and complaints.

    The rats have basically taken over the area, using restaurant alleyways and dumpsters as their breeding grounds. One local claimed that many of the rats aren’t exactly standard in size.

    Some of them are reportedly as big as squirrels, and others even larger. Residents are not only scared for themselves, but also for their dogs, as nobody wants to walk their four-legged companions past the rat gang.

    Restaurant owners, district leaders and public health authorities will meet with residents on October 17th to go over everyone’s concerns and discuss potential solutions to the issue.

    What do you think? How can the rat population be controlled in areas that have a large number of restaurants?