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    Strippers Do Big Business During the UN Week

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    by Geo Beats

    Strippers in New York City are thrilled about the UN week as it results in increased business for them.

    Most major events tend to benefit the businesses of the host city directly, including local restaurants, adult bars and clubs.

    Strippers from one club are thrilled about the United Nations meetings held in New York City.

    Many of the visiting delegates visit strip clubs at the end of the day, to have a drink and enjoy the company of the dancers. According to the manager of one of the city’s most popular gentleman’s clubs, known as Cheetah’s, the business recently had one of its best weekends ever.

    Many General Assembly members visited the establishment and spent quite a bit of cash. Although the strippers are continuously surrounded by security, sometimes they will be asked to speak with the politicians.

    The language barrier can often be a problem, but the dancers are fully aware of the proper etiquette when conversing with the foreigners, including not discussing the country’s economy.

    A spokesperson at Cheetah’s stated “Luckily, girls dancing is a universal language. We pretty much figure out who they want and what they need without too many words.”