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    UK retailer Currys to job applicants: dance like David Brent to Daft Punk

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    A man who interviewed for a job at U.K. retailer Currys came forward to the media after the company forced him to robot dance in front of several employees during the interview.

    Alan Bacon--a self-proclaimed poor dancer--said that after appearing for an interview in his suit and tie, his would-be employers had Bacon stand-up and begin dancing to Daft Punk's hit song Around the World.

    "I spent the whole week researching the company, reading about the new things they were selling - I would like to work with cameras and I was keen to get the job," Bacon told Guardian. "They told us there would be five minutes to talk about our hobbies, and I like astronomy so I had spent some money printing off some pictures I had taken through my telescope."

    He said that there were nine other people and after short introductions they were shown a clip of two people dancing, and then asked to dance.

    "They said 'guess what we're going to ask you to do' - the guy next to me asked if it was joke, and we all thought it must be," Bacon said, adding that in the end he was not offered the job.

    The electronics retailer have since apologized for the embarrassing incident, saying that it was all done in good fun and an effort at team building within the office.


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