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    Jealous Taiwanese husband checks wife's underwear every day

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    A 39-year-old Jiayi local TV program host from Taiwan has a 41-year-old husband who gets jealous easily. He is suspicious of his wife all the time, he doesn't allow her to talk with male co-workers, forbids her to wear short sleeves or V-neck clothes,also commands her to sew all the openings between buttons of her shirts. He not only fixates on her tops but also her bottoms, he even commands her to wear 'safety underwear' beneath her skirts.

    He is so controlling that he even broke into the bathroom once to take a picture of his wife while she was taking a shower. Moreover, he set the rules that the wife has to have sex with him twice a week, if the wife said she was on her period, the husband will put his hand inside and check her underwear whether there is a pad or not. The wife couldn't stand it anymore and also suffered from mental trauma, she decided to sue her husband and was approved by the court.

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