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    Newlywed wife pushes husband off cliff, killing him one week after they were married

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    A newlywed wife has been charged with killing her 25-year-old husband just eight days after the pair were married.

    Jordan Linn Graham came clean to FBI agents in a confession where she admitted that Cody Lee Johnson, her recently wedded beau, had not driven off in a dark car, abandoning her as she had initially claimed.

    According to media reports, Graham has been charged with second-degree murder for pushing Johnson face first off a cliff in Glacier National Park along the infamous "Loop" trail.

    Graham and Johnson had been arguing when Johnson grabbed his 22-year-old wife's arm. Ensconced, Graham turned around and pushed Johnson back, hard in the back, sending him face first over the cliff.

    Graham then tried to cover her tracks by pretending Johnson had left her after a fight and driven off in a dark car with other people she did not know.

    She then reported that she had found Johnson's body at the bottom of the Loop cliffs.

    Graham had told friends she was having second thoughts about the marriage and wanted a wedding more than to be married.

    She also posted a bunch of creepy stuff on Instagram about "missing" her husband before she came clean to cops.


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