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Glee's season 5 premiere is filled with love as they tribute the Beatles. Hey guys thanks for tuning in to Clevver Music! Glee's season premiere began with Rachel doing a chemistry audition read for Funny Girl with guest star Ioan Gruffudd and the musical's director played by Peter Facinelli. The two guys play Broadway hotshots who like Rachel, but think she might be a little unseasoned for the big role. Rachel overhears the two talking which prompts the Beatles tribute into gear with Rachel singing "Yesterday" while feeling a little nostalgic of home. Back at McKinley High a new romance has begun as Kitty and Artie go on a date to the carnival with the rest of New Directions and sing "Drive My Car." As a new Cheerio Bree tries to sabotage Kitty, Kitty asks Artie to keep their relationship on the DL to maintain her popular status. Meanwhile in NYC Santana gets Rachel a job at a Broadway diner as the two try to make it on their own in the big city. And one of our favorite couples, Klaine, has finally reunited! While Kurt is still cautious of being cheated on again, they decide to give it another shot and serenade each other at school with "Got to Get You into My Life." Take a look.
So cute! The mystery of Blaine's proposal at the end of last season is continued as he enlists his friends for assistance. Singing the song "Help," the New Directions go around gathering Vocal Adrenaline, the Havenbrook Deaf Choir, and the Warblers to help him win over Kurt. From love to hate, Sue is back to school and has secured herself as Principal by destroying Principal Figgin's reputation. At the diner in NYC, Rachel runs into the two Funny Girl guys and tries to prove that she's a star with "A Hard Day's Night" and then leaves right away to help out Blaine. Meanwhile, the boys of New Directions decide to help lonely Tina by recreating "I Saw her Standing There." They also let her choose one of them as a prom date, with Sam being the lucky one. The episode ends with the monumental proposal as Burt drives Kurt to a mystery location chosen by Blaine. They have a classic father-son chat and he tells his son to just follow his heart, as Kurt knows what is about to happen. Blaine welcomes Kurt with an "All You Need is Love" serenade. Rachel, Mercedes, and Santana also make a cameo to support their friends as the big proposal number ends on a staircase with falling rose petals and all. Blaine gives the most romantic speech and proposes on the exact steps they first met. And of course Kurt says yes! Glee returns next week with the second Beatles tribute episode and our first look at Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert on the show! Let us know what you think of season 5 so far? Thanks for watching our Glee Cap on ClevverMusic, I'm Misty Kingma.