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    Kenya attack: Al-Shabaab terrorists promise 'real Disneyland' to US recruits

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    The Somalia-based terror outfit al-Shabaab, the group responsible for the Nairobi mall massacre which left more than 62 people dead last week, is actively recruiting young US citizens from African communities, particularly in the midwest, and promising would-be militants entry to the 'real Disneyland' in Somalia.

    A propaganda video from the militant group, brought to public attention by news agency Al Jazeera, titled "Minnesota's Martyrs: The Path to Paradise" features a number of young men from Minnesota who travelled to Somalia to fight with the jihadist group.

    The Twin Cities area is home to the United State's largest population of Somali immigrants and recruitment is even happening door-to-door.

    The al-Qaeda-linked organization is known for its violence toward its enemies, especially foreigners and non-Muslims, using beheadings and suicide attacks.

    Its members subscribe to the hardline Saudi-inspired Wahhabi interpretation of Islam, strictly enforce Sharia law, and repress women.

    They are also said to have links to pirates operating off the coast of Somalia, though the extent of these links is unclear.


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