NZ woman sleep-drives 200 miles to different city, experts baffled



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A sleep-driving New Zealand woman who covered nearly 200 miles (300 km) during a five-hour journey has alarmed friends and police not simply be navigating traffic while unconscious, but also by sending texting at while doing so.

The unidentified woman, who reportedly suffers from a sleeping disorder, took insomnia medication on Wednesday night. Shortly after midnight she got behind the wheel and began her sleepy sojourn.

A friend, aware of a previous sleep-driving episode, received a strange text message and alerted police the woman was on the loose.

Police tracking her cell phone signal say she covered some 190 miles during her adventures from Hamilton to Mt Maunganui via Auckland. She was found slumped over her steering wheel just before 5 a.m. in the driveway of her former home. She had zero recollection of the previous five hours.

Police banned her from driving for the next twelve hours and are fighting to keep her off the road for longer. Sleep experts, baffled by the case, have differing explanations, and have pointed to a combination of stress and the sleeping tablets as the cause of the strange behavior.

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