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    New York City police shoot two innocent bystanders in Times Square

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    Two New York police officers accidentally shot two bystanders at a busy Time Square intersection while chasing a suicidal man pretending to shoot at them with his hand.

    The victims, both women, were were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

    The suspect, Glenn Broadnax, said the incident started with a psychotic episode that drove him to an attempted suicide.

    Broadnax, 35, allegedly said: "I saw my dead relatives and heard them talking to me, and then I tried to kill myself by jumping in front of cars," a law-enforcement official told the Wall Street Journal.

    A police spokesman said Broadnax was found by uniformed officers blocking traffic while trying to get run over — even laying face down in the middle of the busy road. While pursuing the suspect, police drew their weapons after Broadnax appeared to pull a gun out of his pants. What he took out was his hand, and he simulated firing at the police, prompting police to fire back, hitting two women in the process.

    Finally, the officers were able to bring Broadnax down, using a Taser gun to do so. He was then transferred to a psychiatric hospital.


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