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    Miss America Nina Davuluri is Indian and American

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    Miss America 2014 is Nina Davuluri, the first title-holder of Indian descent. And in reaction to this news, racist people on Twitter are spewing all kinds of hate, ignorance and bad grammar.

    The 24-year-old from Syracuse, New York, who held the title of Miss New York before plucking the crown from the previous queen, Mallory Hagan, has not said too much too interesting about the outrage sparked by the color of her skin and the non-Westernness of her surname. She has called herself "Miss Diversity", though she's not exactly the first woman of color to win the title. In fact, this year, the first runner-up was Miss California Crystal Lee, a Chinese-American from the San Francisco Bay Area, and the fourth runner-up was Miss Minnesota Rebecca Yeh, who at the very least has a Chinese surname.

    Also, there was another Crystal Lee in the pageant this year, Miss Hawaii, who is half-Chinese. Not only that, Miss Texas Ivana Hall is African-American, as are Miss Alaska Michelle Taylor, Miss Virgin Islands Ashley Massiah and Miss Virginia Desiree Williams. It can also be noted that Miss District of Columbia Bindhu Pamarthi is also of Indian descent.

    All this means, basically, is that the odds of having a woman of color wear the crown are not entirely slim, so really, what's up with the haters? Have they totally forgotten that America is a country of immigrants? Do they no longer believe that hard work, ambition coupled with American aggressivity, as well as good genes, a decent personal budget, cutting back on carbs, working out until you can see your biceps and smearing your teeth with Vaseline so your pearly whites glimmer, will get any gal to where she wants to be, especially if it's a Miss-something crown?

    But actually, the new Miss America might be lucky that all this racism talk is going down because it's distracting folks from the fact that she might really be a mean girl, if the New York Post Page Six is anything of a reliable source. They say that Davuluri was caught on a tape saying the previous Miss American Mallory Hagan was "fat as @#$%" (though we don't know what the bad word was because we can think of two that work well). That's just bitchy and inappropriate.

    Not that the racism thing isn't ill; it is. But it's just as ill as the whole pageant thing, which, if you have read this far, you probably realize.


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