Colorado flooding death toll on the rise



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Colorado's floods are not getting any better as the weather continues to wreak havoc on the midwestern state. The number of official fatalities is currently at 5, according to the Colorado Office of Emergency Management. Unfortunately, this number is expected to rise in the upcoming week.

Another victim is suspected to have died after her house was swept away by the flood waters. An 80-year-old woman, who has not been named, was said to have been trapped in her house due to an injury. When neighbors came to the house to help her, they were shocked to find the house was no longer there. If her death is to be confirmed she will be the flood's sixth victim.

The number of people who are not accounted for has been hovering around 1,200 as rescue workers do all that they can to save as many lives as possible. Because of the unfolding nature of the disaster it has been difficult for officials to ballpark just how lives have been claimed by the flooding.

Nearly 12,000 people have been evacuated and 1,502 structures have been reported as destroyed. Just this morning President Obama has signed a major disaster declaration for the State of Colorado which will release federal funds in order to help individuals and communities in Boulder, El Paso and Larimer counties. The State of Colorado has requested to add 12 additional counties to be added to the FEMA Emergency Declaration.


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