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    Milwaukee landlord dupes tenants after leasing out condemned house

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    Wisconsin city officials have boarded up a duplex in Milwaukee after its new owner rented out the place even though it was condemned.

    Two families living in the house were given just two hours to pack up their things and leave as the house was boarded up for the second time.

    "There's holes in the floor, mold on every baseboard, animals, spiders, pests. I've seen things I've never seen. I`m like, I seen maggots yesterday," one of the tenants, Mellissa Ericson told the local media.

    She and her downstairs neighbor asked the landlord several times to fix the place up, but was never in touch.

    Now she is not only living among insects, but cannot even stand in certain sections of the house as her foot would fall through the floorboards, she said, adding that the toilet has not worked in over three weeks, while the house reeks of mold.

    "I've been sick. I've had to go to the hospital. I'm overwhelmed," Ericson said.

    After not being able to reach the owner, the tenants called to city officials, who deemed the duplex unlivable, giving them only hours to pack up their belongings.

    The other tenant, Tiffany Ramos, said that she has no idea where she has no idea where she and her two kids will spend the night.


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