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    Devotees of Lord Vishnu at the Heikru Hidongba festival


    by WildFilmsIndia

    Heigru-Hidongba is a festival of Manipur.

    The 235th Shri Shri Bijoy Govindaji Heikru Hidongba 2013 organized by Bijoy Govinda Sevayet Committe held on Sunday the 15th September, 2013 at Bijoy Govinda Thangapat, Sagolband, Imphal, Manipur.

    The festival of Heikru Hidongba is celebrated at the moat of the Bijoy Govinda every Year on the 11th day of the manipuri calendar month Langban with elements of religion, custom and other traditional belief of creation. Historically, it is one of the several festival to bring prosperity to the community which was started, during the reign of Irengba in 984 A.D. Then, culmination was attained during the time of Maharaja Bhagyachandra. In 1779, Heikru Hidongba was performed at the moat of Bijoy Govinda with Shri Shri Bijoy Gobindaji from the royal palace coming with customaty rites and ritvals after the completion of which it was installed in the new temple dedicated by Nongpok Leirekhomba at Sagolband Bijoy Gobinda Leikai.

    In a twin boat sanetified by the presence of the deity amidst chantingof sankritana and music, arti is offered. Tengmaileppa (who takes care of the boat) Chang Shaba (he who looks after the tengmaileppa), Nourungba( he who takes care of leakage of water inside the boat.etc) and Naomang Shaba(he who helps the one who steers the boat) are the main participants of the race who will put on Ningkham and Shamjin, Traditional components of formal dress of such festivities. King and Vishnu will present in the festival.

    A garland of 108 heikru(amla) interspersed with stem of Hup(a wild grass) and another garland of 108 rice the peeling being done by hand will be first offered to Bijoy Govinda and afterwards placed at the hull of the boat. The two leaders of the race boat after due offerings to God will start the race.

    Heikru Hidongba is a combination of three words namely Heikru+Hi+Tongba=Heikru Hidongba. The festival is not performed at any other place than at moat of Bijoy Govinda.


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