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    Samuel P. Huntington's Clash of Civilizations


    by ulaghchi

    How can one explain the relationship of the United States with extremist Islamist groups under the doctrine of controlled chaos?

    Olga Chetverikova (Ольга Четверикова) - author of the 2011 book Измена в Ватикане: заговор пап против христианства, Treason in the Vatican: the conspiracy of the Popes against Christianity.

    Associate professor of history and politics of Europe and America at MGIMO-University of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Candidate of Historical Sciences, graduated from Moscow State Institute of Defense in 1983. She worked at the Institute of Social Sciences at the Department of the international labor movement. She specializes in social and political history of Latin America. In addition to working at the Institute she collaborated with a number of newspapers and magazines, dealt with the political history of Russia, and published on topics related to Russian political culture.