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    The value of Keywords for your business :: Small business marketing

    Colm Mcgill

    by Colm Mcgill

    The value of Keywords for your business

    Today im going to speak about the value of keywords: The reason for this post is too many small business owners do not understand keywords not to mention the value of keywords.

    Now I hope, I have opened your eyes and help you to open to understand or at the very least to have peaked your interest in investigating this particular topic "The value of Keywords". We in small businesses need to be more proactive in understanding our marketing effort and understand that the success of our business rests on our shoulders. We have to accept and realise that everything is going online. Now guys before I go off in a rant I am going to leave it there. Just remember keywords are central to everything we do online. So please start understanding the value of keywords.

    Thank you,