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    1966 Volvo Reaches 3 Million Miles

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    74-year-old Irv Gordon from Long Island has hit 3 million miles on his 1966 red Volvo.

    How many miles do you have on your car?

    74-year-old Irv Gordon from Long Island has driven his 1966 red Volvo a world record 3 million miles.
    That tops his previous Guinness world record, last set at 2 million miles in 2002.

    According to the odometer, Gordon’s P1800 Volvo has traveled more miles than any vehicle owned by a single person on Earth since he bought it back in 1966.

    Gordon is quoted as saying: “I bought my Volvo P1800 on a Friday and immediately fell in love. It was a holiday weekend, and I brought the car back to the dealership the following Monday for its 1,500-mile service.”

    His record is credited to a 125 mile daily round trip commute that he did for a decade, and also his commitment to maintaining his Volvo so that it could drive that far.

    To mark the historic occasion, Gordon watched the odometer turn to 3 million on the Seward Highway in Alaska.

    Gordon is a retired science teacher, and his journey is being advertised by Volvo with a video and marketing campaign on their website, where people can write in about their own experience traveling in a Volvo car.