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    What The Tech Ep. 182 - Microsoft Surface 2 9-24-13

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    "modeled after the i-pad" sorry but, what?

    10" and 7/8" have been established standards throughout the board of tablets. building a tablet with that form-factor that hardly is modelling after i-pad that is using the established and proven base. a 15" talblet just does not make any sense, get a laptop. if you had to manage a few teams and projects, you would not care for a big screen in a tablet, quite the contrary. you would want something to take along your files for minor editing and a decent mailclient. the surface (even the surface 2) is perfect for that (my own experience).

    this thing is for mobility and to allow me to travel easily. as soon as i DO have to use it for real world, i plug in a screen and a wireless mouse via usb -> *ding* you have a full blown workstation.

    who wants to have 15" on a plane? that is neither here nor there. what would it be good for except annoying your neighbor? it still is far too small to do real work, that starts at 21" bare minimum.

    the surface 2 / pro 2 are vastly different in so many aspects to the ipad it is ridiculous for you to play that down. no big difference between surface and surface 2? how about more than twice the power, a much better screen, less weight and improved battery live (even leaving aside all the minor tweaks like usb3, the better kickstand, cameras, sound)?

    and then you go on about windows rt not being able to install legacy x85 apps ... when excactly have you ever been able to install an osx app on an ios-device? microsoft is just doing, what apple has done since day one with ONE diference: in their store i can buy an app for a surface 2 (arm) and install it on my pc too. it clearly lists what apps are available on all platforms. they even will merge the phone store into that, then you can install one app on practically everything without buying it several times. show me that on a macbook pro with an ipad-app please ...

    frankly i stopped listening at 18 minutes in - if i wanted apple-biased reviews i hit the verge, those guys would praise even a tablet that came without a screen as long as it has the right logo on the back ...
    By MrFluffyHedgehog2 years ago