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    Kiev Home to Eatery That Serves Everything Out of Pickle Jars

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    At a restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine, every single menu item available is served in glass pickle jars.

    Going out to eat usually entails dining off attractive plates and bowls, and oftentimes the dinnerware is a major part of the experience.

    One restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine aims to offers diners a very different type of supper encounter. Every single menu item available at the eatery is served in glass pickle jars.

    The restaurant is so strict about the rule that staff went so far as to post a sign on the door alerting customers that standard glasses, bottles, bowls, plates and cups are strictly forbidden inside the business.

    The establishment is said to be the only place in the entire world that takes jars as dinnerware so seriously, serving every single food item and beverage in them. Ice cream, soup, cocktails salads; they’re all placed in the jars.

    Fittingly named The Jar Bar, the company claims the idea behind the jars is to take diners back to their childhoods, when they would eat homemade pickles straight from a jar.

    Leftovers can be taken home by customers; all they have to do is ask a server for a lid. Jars are even used for décor inside the establishment, in the form of light fixtures.