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    Don't Shout At the Telly: The Coup in Egypt


    by WORLDwrite



    Finally some coverage that points out how far apart Western visions of democracy are from the potential for this kind of set-up in Egypt. We can’t use the political apathy of so many ‘democratic’ Western countries to try to understand Eygpt; trying to compare the tough hand of Islamists to the much weaker influence of the Church in European states is something school children might do in 100 years time but right now it’s really not relevant. Egypt needs to be understood on its own terms! The Muslim Brotherhood have just been banned by a court in Cairo, is that like banning the BNP? Not really. Does it mean that the courts are dishing out dubious justice? This is what we need to be discussing. Unfortunately people like Sharro don’t get enough air-time
    By Yasmin2 years ago
    A very meaningful Discussion. Makes you think a lot about what democracy is and should be. I agree with Karl Sharro absolutely and think that the coup threatens democracy. As the people overthrew Mubarak, it should have been the people to overthrow Morsi. That is democracy. The military should not be allowed to forcefully remove an elected president. It reminds me of many troubled years in Pakistan, devastating the country and still not fully recovering.
    By svivita3 years ago
    To replace a democratically elected government by a military-appointed official is a coup! In a democracy, the opposition can oppose elected political leaders and can even try to use every legal means to remove them from power; however they have to remain loyal to the democratic process to ensure that the system functions.
    By dm_522a079f0ba7b3 years ago