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    How to paint Plastic Door

    Kompass India

    by Kompass India

    Essential Items for Painting Plastic Door

    Soap: For cleaning before painting
    Sponge: For uniformly cleaning any water or soap left gently.
    Rags: To wipe of water, dust, dirt if dropped while painting.
    Sandpaper: Used to smoothen the surface so that painting is easily applied.
    Latex primer: Used for better hold of the paint on the door.
    Latex paint: Dries quickly and available in matt finishing too.


    Always paint only sanded plastic door, or the color may start to flake.
    Never paint an unprimed plastic door, as if done the color starts to peel.


    The surface of the door may be smooth, so for a perfect finish use a polyester painting brush.

    Always use an enamel while painting as plastic doors are subjected to paint with pressure to avoid breaking or causing dents.

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