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    As per the usual, it's been a wild week for our Mother Monster—Gaga is nominated for 3 MTV EMA's, we've got our first look at her big screen debut in Machete Kills, a twitter rant about Applause, and so much more!
    Hey Little Monsters, Brianna Baxter filling in for your Misty Monster on this week's episode of What's up With Gaga!!!
    As you guys have probably heard, Gaga started off the week with some pleasant and well deserved news—three MTV European Music Awards! Gaga will be going head to head with Miley Cyrus for best female and of course she's up for Best look and Biggest Fans!
    No surprise there, let's just hope we can get our Mother Monster home with all three!! The show is set to take place November 10th at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome!
    And from the small screen to the big screen, we've got our first look at Gaga in the trailer for Machete Kills which hits theatres October 11th.
    This is Gaga's movie debut—and she is well, quite the bad-ass in this star-studded sequel. Gaga is looking smokin hot as a blonde bombshell driving a VW bus. Oh and did I mention running people off the road!!! Hello, gaga!!!! Welcome to the big leagues!!
    Alright moving on—to get us through the middle of the week, Gaga took to twitter to give us some insight into Applause via a lengthy twitter rant!!
    She started off getting really sentimental with her follows, saying, "Applause is a very meaningful song to me, because it addresses what many think of 'celebrities' today, that we 'do it' for the attention. But some of us are 'artists' in the group called 'celebrity' & what we create doesn't live on unless there's an audience to remember it.'
    That's where we come in little monsters, Gaga continues, "So I may need your attention at first, so I can sing you my song. But it's the applause after that lets me know if I've entertained you."
    But that's not all, she keeps going, "Entertainment makes people happy, I live for the Applause to know I've spread that. I live to hear you cheer to just be a part of that."
    And it's not over yet folks... Gaga finishes it off saying, "I believe in show business. The applause is what breeds that thing that I love. When I know I've made you happy. When I know it was good."
    WOWZERS, talk about a mouth full—but you know what I love seeing her heart and soul even if it is from social media!!!!
    And speaking of social media, it's not always used for the positive, in fact Azeilia Banks used it to fire at Gaga—saying that Mother Monster stole her track Red Flame!
    In case you guys missed it Azeilia was supposed to Gaga's album before she decided to fight with gaga on twitter about her mermaid theme and Gaga decided her 'bad attitude' wasn't wanted on the album.
    So, Azelia took it a step further this week taking go twitter to say, " @ladygag make sure you let them know where you got the title for red flame from. You stole that from the demo I sent you."
    Azelia goes on to say that, "This one is free. Next time I'm charging." -- on and for a cherry on top, she adds a little Team Katy.
    Welp, talk about accusations people, but while were on the subject of team Katy—looks like Glee is going to play into the Gaga VS Katy Perry rivalry!
    According to Hypable, Episode 4 of the upcoming season is titled, "A Katy or A Gaga" and will feature songs from both of the artists!!!
    Those slated to be on the episode are Roar, Applause, Wide Awake and Marry the Night—no word yet on when the episode will air!
    And last but not least, to wrap up this week's what's up with Gaga, after a twitter Q&A we've found out when we'll see the album cover #ArtPop!
    Gaga said, "The album cover is still being perfected and will come out sometime in the next two weeks! I'm not allowed to tell you exactly when yet!
    But two, weeks... we can do that little monsters, especially when Gaga goes on to tell us that it's her "Favorite of all album covers and she's so excited to show us!!!
    Count us in!!! That's a wrap for this weeks What's Up With Gaga—thanks for letting me fill in for your Misty Monster and make sure to keep it locked here on Clevver Music for all of your Gaga news!! See you next time, guys!!