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    Disney Pixar Cars Re enactment scene with Lightning McQueen ,Rusty, Dusty, Fred and Donna Pits

    Ian MacDonald

    by Ian MacDonald

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    Please subscribe to our videos and thanks for watching. Today's re-enactment scene comes from Disney's Pixar Cars , the original movie, and it features Lightning McQueen, Donna Pits, Rusty and dusty , owners of Rust-eze.
    In this scene , Lightning is mad because he has to give a speech to the cars who sponsor him, none other than Rusty and Dusty, the proud owners of Rust-eze, a medicated bumper ointment for rusty Cars.
    Donna Pits was in the scene for a short period of time, alongside FRED, a notorious character who is full of rust, and everyone knows his name because his license plate is simply " Fred " , but Fred does not know this and whenever someone says "Hi Fred" he gets excited. and says " he knows my name, he knows my name " . Anyway. Donna Pits is only in the scene in the movie for about 5 seconds, but gets her own Die-cast car foe the collectors like us.
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