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    The Science Behind Why Your In-Laws Might Hate You

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    by Geo Beats

    According to a recent study, one’s in-laws may despise them because they’re seen as a threat to the entire family’s resources, be they financial or emotional.

    A recent study shed some light on why one’s in-laws may glower at them with contempt every time they enter the room.

    The harsh but true explanation suggested by the scientists is that the parents just don’t see the partner as being a good source of support.

    That holds true for finances and feelings alike.

    Parents are for the most part hardwired to make sure each of their children receives equal resources, be they money, hugs, or encouraging words.

    Should a spouse not be able to maintain the family’s standard of any of those things, the parents are compelled to step in and provide them.

    Partners who continually fall short put a strain on the resources, sparking an ingrained opposition to their role as the child’s mate.

    To arrive at this explanation, British and Dutch researchers built a complex computer model to reproduce parental behavior with regards to their daughter.

    In it, the progression of the parents’ attitudes towards their daughter’s companion choices was simulated.

    They also found that social class and family background were highly valued by parents.

    The offspring, on the other hand, preferred physical attractiveness, sense of humor, and creativity.