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    Accused Molester Forced to Supply Perfume for Kids as Punishment

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    One man in India was recently court ordered to supply room freshener to children at a school for the blind, as part of a punishment.

    Jail time is the standard punishment for criminals. But some courts go for an unusual approach.

    One man in India was recently ordered to supply room freshener and deodorant to children. The male, who works as a perfume manufacturer was accused of molesting a woman, who was his former employee.

    The suspect approached the Delhi High Court to have the charges dropped against him, as he had settled the matter with the lady out of court by paying her over 9 thousand dollars.

    But that wasn’t enough for court authorities. On top of supplying perfume to the kids, he was ordered to pay a fine of over 3 thousand dollars.

    The victim worked for the perfume manufacturer from December 2012 to March 2013. Several months later, in June, the suspect illegally entered the woman’s home and molested her. He allegedly attempted to rape her, but she was able to escape with help from her neighbors.

    The local public prosecutor stated “Such allegations are on the rise. The charges are serious. Leaving them scot-free without having to do anything will send a wrong signal.”