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    GoGo Pillow- As Seen On TV Chat


    by AsSeenOnTVChat


    The GoGo Pillow is designed to work on any surface and work as a backpack so you can take your tablet with you on the go. The patented mutli-slot design means your tablet is locked securely in place wherever you’re using it. The GoGo Pillow works with the majority of tablet sizes. Use your GoGo Pillow at the gym, car rides, plane rides, around the house, or at school. The GoGo Pillow conveniently transforms into a backpack so you can pack up your tablet when you are done using it. The GoGo Pillow doubles as a travel pillow as well so you can sleep comfortably on the go. It comes in six different colors- blue, grey, pink, burgundy, black, and pink cheetah print! Now for a limited time get two for the price of one!