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    Company Unveils Breast Shaped Exercise Weights

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    A company based in Kiev set out to make muscle building workouts more interesting.

    Some guys love lifting weights, but for others workouts can be rather boring, unless there are ladies around the gym to impress.

    A company based in Kiev, Ukraine sought out to make weight training workouts more interesting. 306 Creative Communication Agency is behind
    the kettlebells shaped like a woman’s chest, specifically her two breasts.

    The business described the pieces noting the weights are considered “Sports equipment for real men, who think about women all the time even when the iron is held in the hands.” They're derived from cast iron along with a rubber coating.

    Buyers can choose from glossy or matte paint surfaces. The agency logo is printed at the bottom of the dumbbells and they’re scheduled to hit sporting goods stores sometime in October of 2013.

    However, those who can’t wait that long are able to make pre-order requests. 306 Creative Communication Agency’s facebook page pointed out that many people have been patiently waiting and anticipating the arrival and release of the weights.

    The breast shaped contraptions will come in three standard sizes, small, medium and large.

    What do you think of the concept?