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    Chris "Birdman" Andersen gets catfished Manti Te'o style

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    Chris "Birdman" Andersen has finally been cleared of any wrongdoing in a strange case involving authorities in Colorado and Canada.

    The investigation had Colorado police searching Birdman's house and confiscating his computer over a year ago in the Douglas County Sheriff's Office's Crimes Against Children division. It was released on Wednesday that Andersen was not guilty of a crime, but was actually a victim in an extremely complex catfishing scheme.

    According to Birdman's lawyers, a Canadian woman named Shelly Lynn Chartier has been impersonating Birdman online in order to foster relationships with other people. It looks like the underage woman in California whose mother allegedly extorted Andersen was actually one of Chartier's victims.

    Andersen's lawyers also think it was Chartier, pretending to be the California woman's mother, who attempted to extort Andersen.

    Andersen did admit to having a sexual relationship with the California woman, but it appears that it was all orchestrated by Chartier. Pretending to be Birdman, Chartier set up the initial face-to-face between the two lovebirds. Chartier started communicating online with the girl from California.

    At one point, Chartier started making some sexually explicit demands which caused the woman to contact authorities that initially led to the cops raiding Andersen's house in 2011.

    It appears Chartier was able to pull all this off because she managed to get total access to Birdman's phone, social media, email and bank records. According to authorities, Andersen was just one of Chartier's victims. They said it is possible she may have run similar cons on other athletes.


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