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    Angsty rapper Azealia Banks claims Lady Gaga stole her song "Red Flame'! Hey Little Monsters thanks for checking in with ClevveMusic, your favorite music news source online. So it seems the Azealia-Gaga-Saga isn't over. Just a week after Lady Gaga told fans at Good Morning America that Azealia "has a bad attitude", Azealia is attacking Mother Monster on Twitter. If you recall, the 22-year-old UK rapper reportedly recorded two songs with Lady Gaga for ARTPOP album called, "Ratchet" and "Red Flame". Well for some reason neither duet song has ended up on Gaga's upcoming album... with Azealia on it. "Red Flame" is rumored to still be on Gaga's album but not featuring Azealia. Some Internet rumors claim Rihanna recorded the hook to the song instead, but there's no confirmation of that either. But we do know Rihanna recorded a secret duet in the studio recently, based on this tweet. And now Azealia is accusing Gaga of stealing "Red Flame" saying it was her song. Ms. Banks tweeted on September 16th, "@ladygaga make sure u let them know where u got the title for red flame from. U stole that from the demo I sent u." So Gaga just stole the title? That's not a big deal... we think? In a second tweet Azealia continued, "Life is great. You can have it. Plenty more where that came from." Followed by, "Seriously... This one is free. Next time I'm charging." The tweets seem a bit unwarranted if Gaga just took the title and none of the demo song from Azealia. It's unclear whether she's mad that she isn't on ARTPOP or if she just wanted to get paid by Gaga for the title. And if like's great, why rant? Of course, all these tweets have since been deleted on Azealia's Twitter account. And if the tweets weren't bad enough Azealia ended the rant with this final jab, "Team Katy." Well naturally she is asserting to the faux beef between pop singer Katy Perry and Gaga. It's just healthy competition, we think. This Azealia-Gaga beef follows the recent war of the mermaid outfit. Azealia recently claimed Gaga stole her mermaid look at the MTV VMAs. Lady Gaga has yet to respond to any of these accusations, and it's probably best that way. Tell us if you think Gaga should respond to set the record straight? Also, head straight back to ClevverMusic and watch more music news here every day. I'm Misty Kingma thanks so much for watching.