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    DEBATE - Egypt: The Crackdown

    FRANCE 24 English

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    Has Egypt reached its point of no return where it descends into an Algeria-style civil war between the military and radical Islamists? Not yet, say panellists but seeing how fast tempers flare on set…

    Hisham ASSEM. Security Expert & Former Police Officer - from Cairo;
    William JORDAN. Former US State Department Official;
    Adel RIAME. Researcher and Political Analyst at L'EHESS (School of Social Sciences);
    Moyad HARB. Member of Defense of Democracy in Egypt;
    Ashraf KHALIL. France 24 Correspondent - from Cairo.

    Produced by François Picard, Anelise Borges, Christopher Davis, Mary Colombel.

    Watch the first  part here.

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