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    Man’s Finger Grows Back after Bitten Off

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    A 33-year-old jockey had his severed finger grow back after a revolutionary, non-surgical medical procedure.

    The human body’s complexity and natural ability to heal are fascinating mysteries. Recently, a 33-year-old jockey experienced these wonders first-hand when his severed finger grew back after a revolutionary, non-surgical medical procedure.

    Paul Halpern was feeding his horse a treat when the horse bit off a third of his index finger. Another man got the finger out of the horse’s mouth and, though they tried to ice it, the hospital said it could not be reattached. The only other option was amputation.

    Thankfully, Halpern heard of Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez from south Florida.

    Using the xenograft implantation procedure, Dr. Rodriguez made a mould of Halpern’s finger from pig bladder tissue and attached it to the stump. Halpern then continued a simple home treatment, in which he applied powdered pig’s bladder and a saline wrap to the unhealed finger, for 2 months.

    Dr. Rodriguez explained, “It stimulates your body to attract your stem cells and then the stem cells start producing the tissue that is missing.”

    Amazingly, Halpern’s finger cells, soft tissue, bone, and nail grew into the attached mould.