Lady be Good Torme/Rich

bob erwig
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Lady Be Good Torme Mel/Buddy Rich 1978
From a broadcast somewhere and some time in 1978 we see and hear the Buddy Rich Big Band fronted by Mel Torme.
Mel sings honouring Ella Fitzgerald on the chords structure of Lady be good. At the end there is an exchange of scat singing with Buddy on drums.
When I still lived in Toronto I had to do some work in Windsor and I read that Buddy Rich and his band was performing in a small club. I went to see the show. Funny enough the band started without Buddy. Most of the band were young fellows who played very well.
A short pause and the band came back this time with Buddy. There seemed to be some tension. Apparently he called all his guys in the bandroom and told them they played far below what he expected.
I spoke to one of the musicians and he told me that Buddy Rich was a hard taskmater.


Mel Torme spiewa o Elli F.!!!!!!!!!!!
By Maria Dec 5 years ago
Saw buddy at Ronnie Scotts many years ago........a trombone player who was in the band in the first half was not their in the second half....enough said !
But the guy was a genius....................
By raymondolino 6 years ago
What a clip. About Buddy beeing ahard taskmaker, is true. There were many of his guys who hatet him, but respected him as well. There are many funny storys apout conflicts and more. I have a saxplayer in my band who played with him once. You should hear the storys he told me.
In a word,superd.
By Eddie 7 years ago
Niet te geloven, unbelievable, incroyable
By Thea van der Minne 7 years ago