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    COPS TV Show, Officer Joe Morgan Talks About, Stuck on the Tracks, Des Moines Police Department


    by COPSTV

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    While on routine patrol, Officer Joe Morgan of the Des Moines (IA) Police Department spots a speeding motorbike and gives chase. The fleeing suspect slips away after Officer Morgan misjudges the height of nearby train tracks - which disable his vehicle. While the officer advises dispatch to halt all impending traffic, he hears the horrifying sound of a fast approaching train. Fortunately, the train is redirected in time and a catastrophe is avoided -- so he thinks. A little while later, a second train approaches from the opposite direction as several of Officer Morgan's fellow officers anxiously try to figure out how to move the disabled vehicle. Eventually , the second train is also redirected and the vehicle is safely removed from its precarious position. The embarrassed officer's amused supervisor wonders if he should change the officer's evaluation.