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    Avalon Teddy Wilson bob Kaper

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Avalon Kaper Bob/Teddy Wilson 1976
    A dream must have come through. Clarinettist Bob Kaper who joined the Dutch Swing College Band in 1966 was always a great admirer of Benny Goodman. He even had his own swing quintet next to being a member of the busy D.S.C.
    When American pianist Teddy Wilson, who had played with Goodman since the mid thirties and had helped making Benny's small group world famous, came to Holland to perform with the D.S.C. in 1976 I can imagine this to have been a thrill for Bob .
    Several LP's were made, but I think this is the only film (made in Austria) of the D.S.C in concert with Teddy Wilson.
    Bob Kaper is doing a fantastic job on one of Benny's standards.
    It should be noted that the rhythm group with Jaap van Kempen on guitar, Henk Bosch van Drakensteyn on bass and Huub Janssen on drums do superb support. I consider Huub by far the best drummer in Europe.