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    COPS TV Show, Officer Derrick Pendergrass, Woman Tries To Bite Officer


    by COPSTV

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    Officer Derrick Pendergrass of the Chattanooga Police Department (TN) responds to a distress call after passersby observe a woman bleeding from the head and passed out on the sidewalk. After making contact with the woman, it becomes obvious that the woman is extremely intocxicated and is unable to answer questions or remember how she came to be at the location passed out. After the woman refuses to stay seated, she attempts to bite Officer Pendergrass. When paramedics arrive, she again attempts to bite the officer and is told that she will be maced if she does so again. After several witnesses claim that she was arguing with a man and causing a scene, she is arrested for public disorderly, public intoxication and assault on a police officer.