Stop #10 Volcom Stones Wild In The Parks L.E.S. Coleman Skatepark, NYC

182 vues
14 & Under Division:
1st: Rio Matienzo
2nd: Shane Farber
3rd: Ethan Todt
4th: Isaiah Edward
5th: CJ Banfield
6th: Jeremy Turner
7th: Christian Henry

15 & Over Division:
1st: Brandon Johnson
2nd: Dan Robbins
3rd: Tyler Collins
4th: Joseph Marrone
5th: Coby Antinoro
6th: Allan Potter
7th: Sadiq Carrington

Open Division:
1st: Gavin Nolan - $250
2nd: Tom Medina- $150
3rd: Carlo Carezzano- $100
4th: Tom Weiss
5th: Tyler Thomas
6th: Tyshawn Jones
7th: Liam McCabe

Hi-Chew's Chewiest Move of the Day:
Brandon Johnson

Motion Graphics: Mike Wiener

- Music -
Songs: Getting Brighter Blues
Artist: Burnt Ones
Release: You'll Never Walk Alone


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