Roxy Hawaii Rock jumping & racing with Kelia & Ford Fiesta! Episode 4

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On your marks, get set....JUMP!?

In episode 4, Kelia Moniz (aka Sister), Bruna Schmitz, and a slightly timid Kassia Meador roll up in their Ford Fiesta for a little cliff jumping off the notorious 'Jump Rock' in Waimea Bay. The first jump is always the hardest; remember these girls are surfers...not skydivers.

After some turtle-filled free diving the girls fill up at a special place on the North Shore where the surf snack menu includes the famous Chocolate Haupia Pie at none other than Ted's Bakery. Next stop, the motocross track, to meet up with Kelia's brothers for a little red-dirt action in the Ford Fiesta! We can't tell you how badly we want to take this thing for a ride like that again #FiestaMovement

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Kelia Moniz
Kassia Meador
Bruna Schmitz

Oahu, Hawaii

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