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Fox Presents Fall Deluxe 2013

il y a 4 ans215 views

"Individual style is what draws people to a person and separates great from average"
- Pete Fox

ELEVATE & REFINE: contempt for mediocrity drives us to go beyond the ordinary and elevates us to create something superior.
CRAFTMANSHIP: Our rich history and passion for building great products can be spotted right away. You can't fake it. The more you wear a piece from FX-DLX, the more you begin to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece. Our pride rides on it.

The re-launch of the Fox -- DLX collection truly embodies everything that the Elevate and Craftmanship brand statements stand for.

Check out the new collection here:

Directed by:
Ryan Marcus

Filmed by:
Rob Donegan
Ryan Marcus

Edited by:
Ryan Marcus

The Dodos
"Black Night"
No Color
French Kiss Records

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