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    Dog Saves Family From House Fire

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A family in Auckland, New Zealand is now left without any belongings after a fire. But they are grateful to be alive thanks to their pet dog named Muggles.

    Animals seem to have an uncanny ability to detect when something is horribly wrong.

    A dog named Muggles saved the life of her owner and family in Auckland, New Zealand when a house fire broke out.

    The female pooch alerted her owner, Tracy Baird, about the fire and led her from the lounge to the front of the house. The flames were just beginning. Baird immediately ran to her daughters and got them out of the house.

    It was only several seconds later, after she saved the kids, that the blaze got far worse. The glass smashed from the front windows and the flames rapidly spread, meaning there was no way the family could get back inside.

    They are now left without a home, clothing or a vehicle. But they are thankful to be alive thanks to their pet dog. Every time the family looks at Muggles, they’re reminded that they have each other. If the dog hadn’t alerted Baird of the fire, it probably would have been another two minutes before she noticed.

    That short amount of time would have been too late for anyone to have gotten out alive.