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    Classic Game Room - GRAN TURISMO 2 Part 3, Red Rock


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Part 3 of our GT2 review. Classic Game Room HD reviews GRAN TURISMO 2 from Polyphony Digital for the Sony Playstation 1 video game console. Only CGRHD has the audacity to release a "Part 3" 9 years after we released the first review in 1999, but we did it. Take that common sense! GT2 is a classic video game that needs to be revisited. Released in 1999, Gran Turismo 2 set the standard for what an amazing driving video game and racing simulator should be. Hundreds of cars, dozens of tracks, CGRHD takes a spin on one of the best trackt that has vanished from the Gran Turismo series... RED ROCK VALLEY SPEEDWAY! Similar in many ways to the high speed ring which has returned in Gran Turismo 5 prologue. This is a unique Classic Game Room review because it is a part 3 that comes back in a different decade, and a different millennium. Revisit and enjoy the ultimate driving game on the PS1, Gran Turismo 2! Somebody tell Polyphony Digital to put Grindelwald into Gran Turismo 5, the full version! We want Grindelwald in GT5! NOW NOW NOW! Gt2 on PSone. Hype!