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    Classic Game Room - PA TURNPIKE ADVENTURE for Atareks 5201 review


    by ClassicGameRoom

    Part 1 of 2: Classic Game Room HD reviews PA TURNPIKE ADVENTURE for Atareks 5201. Part 2 is here This is an amazing life-like driving simulator that really makes you believe that you're driving across the great state of Pennsylvania. This amazing game for Atareks 5201 is a beta copy with a few unfinished areas (like the Death Star style tunnel battle) but shows this revolutionary driving game being played. Solid gameplay with a real car controller and actual trucks make playing PA TURNPIKE ADVENTURE the adventure of a lifetime. The first track available is route 76 (Rt 76) a toll road across beautiful, scenic Pennsyvnia farmlands and through rolling hills and scary tunnels. Classic Game Room reviews this game, an Atareks 5201, up to the Philadelphia level. Bonus stages include New Jersey and Maryland. While there were no cars on fire on the PA Turnpike this day there are tunnels, trucks and even signs. Wow!