The Best of Scott Joplin

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The best of Scott Joplin (performed by Ania Safa)
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Considered to be the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin spent most of his life in the American south, between Missouri and New Orleans. Joplin’s natural skills and a combination of gospel hymns, spirituals, dance music, classical music and work songs from the area around Texarkana where he was born, contributed significantly to the invention of a new style called “Ragtime”. After his death, jazz historian Floyd Levin noted: his was the passing of the king of all ragtime writers, the man who gave America a genuine native music. Here are 32 marvellous rags from his songbook, all dating back to the early 1900s. More than a century later, Scott Joplin’s music is still just as modern, dazzling and fresh.

1 Maple Leaf Rag
2 The Entertainer
3 Magnetic Rag
4 Elite Syncopations
5 Country Club
6 Paragon Rag
7 Eugenia
8 Cleopha
9 Scott Joplin New Rag
10 Easy Winners
11 Lily Queen

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