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    The Best of Scott Joplin

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    The best of Scott Joplin (performed by Ania Safa)
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    Considered to be the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin spent most of his life in the American south, between Missouri and New Orleans. Joplin’s natural skills and a combination of gospel hymns, spirituals, dance music, classical music and work songs from the area around Texarkana where he was born, contributed significantly to the invention of a new style called “Ragtime”. After his death, jazz historian Floyd Levin noted: his was the passing of the king of all ragtime writers, the man who gave America a genuine native music. Here are 32 marvellous rags from his songbook, all dating back to the early 1900s. More than a century later, Scott Joplin’s music is still just as modern, dazzling and fresh.

    1 Maple Leaf Rag
    2 The Entertainer
    3 Magnetic Rag
    4 Elite Syncopations
    5 Country Club
    6 Paragon Rag
    7 Eugenia
    8 Cleopha
    9 Scott Joplin New Rag
    10 Easy Winners
    11 Lily Queen
    12 The Chrysantheum
    13 Heliotrope Bouquet
    14 Reflection Rag
    15 Cascades
    16 The Streneous Life
    17 Felicity Rag
    18 Swipesy
    19 Peacherine Rag
    20 Something Doing
    21 Search Light
    22 Rose Leaf Rag
    23 Fig Leaf Rag
    24 Original Rags
    25 Sunflower Slow Drag
    26 Pine Apple Rag
    27 Gladiolous Rag
    28 The Ragtime Dance
    29 Sugar Cane
    30 Palm Leaf Rag
    31 Combination March
    32 A Breeze from Alabama

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